The Roots ( Chini Haa)- Borkung Hrangkhawl

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[Verse 1]
Here’s my anthem for my peeps
To hearken with an alter ego
I ain’t no politician though I’m vicious
With the paraphrasable skill with the C note
Never worshipped on a path of a wrath
That depicts your divorce -You cheap hoes
Is this what your messed up constitution decodes?
A paven violation
This colonization differs from the east side though
I’m from Tripura you fakers
Thats the first thing you ought to know
I did grow from Dhalai district and I need no passport
You better ask for – the last resort
TNV and INPT could be the last soul
I ain’t keyed while I’m telling the truth
Is this the tribal last withdrawal??
Looking back at the act of 1950
To reserve three additional seats for the tribe schedule
Rebuilt in absolute refuge a tribute to my state no interlude – recruit
How can you feed the poor when you bribe what has been re-issued??
Fuck the issues !!
All the rights given to us were misused
Sucking us like degraded fuel
Our general expectation were just the revenue
But you taboo our rights like a substitute
‘Cause we the indigenous people have been spoofed out of our own land
Though we minority, we hold hands
You ain’t a component to extinct our clan
We fight till accomplishment (yo)
For the record that ain’t a compliment
You’re just a non- compoundable offence.
So here’s my movement to idemnify my mother land
If your the master mind then I’m the MASTER PLAN

Chini ha Chini ha, I gotta give it, a salute to my roots yo.
Chini ha Chini ha, I gotta lift it up and never loose my roots yo.

[Verse 2]
If you never understood the reason of my being, its obscene
You better be clean theoretically, aim on a higher scene
Call me the captain of the ship sailing over the seas
Substantially killing dictatorship
Potentially with high beams
‘Cause I’m on a higher tide
If you never understood what I mean
You diesel dyke
I’m talking about you suckers obviously
With this pen that I write
‘Cause these words are mine.
Freedom is my birth right
You cannot take what’s mine.
As a matter of fact you better don’t cross the enemy line.
‘Cause with these slogan I fortified
‘Cause I never quit nor forfeit to fight
This is genocide.
My blood is for my land
Tripuri for life !!
My five finger stands for white.
A definition truly obliged to make a difference
A benevolence
To maintain eco balance
That’s phenomenon
A new era of awakening
So start thinking
‘Cause we need no achromatism, fanatism
So my Borok people here is my affirmation
To stand and fight in the border line
‘Cause you know that I’m ballin fine
And ready for after shock
A collision to hit you, afterthought
So what are we waiting for?
Formation of a Squad or a flip mode squad?
With these acquaintance for good.
In the honour of my state and majesty
I’m here to speak the truth…..
And for now …….
All my people let me take you back to my ROOTS

[Chorus Repeat]

Written,Composed and Performed by-
Borkung Hrangkhawl a.k.a BK

© CoreConxept Music
Copyright Reserved 2012.