Nwngno Ani Khani || An Epic Kokborok Official Music Video

February 13, 2018 683 33 No Comments


Song:Nwngno ani khani (This music video is based on Tripura people living life style and their love story. )

Cast :Nipen & Elisha
Singer:Manik & Bipasha
Lyrics :Padhini
Compose :Manik
Audio record:melody cafe studio
Make-up :Arist
Cinematography :Khapang & Karlmarx
Edit:Suchen,Garan studio (Amulya )
Screenplay&story: Khapang & Wansok
Crew :Madhu, Tongkwchang, Bura ,Manimoy
Special thanks :Boranjoy Tripura, Biman Tripura, Chiranjit Tripura, Jayanti Mala Tripura, Raju Jamatia, Malina Debbarma, sourav Debbarma, Sayan Sankar Tripura.
producer by:Smita & N-BOYS
Director by :Wansok

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