Frequently Ask Question(FAQ)

1.How to upload my Videos in

>Well,we do not host any videos on our server.All the videos featured on our website are embedded link.

2.Do you have owner’s permission?

>Yes we do have owner’s permission, Except Hollywood category.All the videos featured on our website are concerned with the owner’s knowledge.

3.How to feature my video on your website, is it free?

>Well its simple & its completely FREE.You just need to maintain certain criteria to get featured on our website.Keep in mind.

  • Minimum video quality should be 720p and more.We maintain our quality and share only HD videos.
  • It should be either Music,Fun,Entertainment,Movie etc related Videos.We completely do not share any kind of politically- related videos on our website.Since its an entertainment portal.
  • No restriction in language.Any language is welcomed.
  • You just need to send your link to us via our Facebook Fan Page or else you can register on our website and update your link.

4.How to update my video link on your website?

>Register on our website with the required info.After that fill this contact form and send your video URL.


5.Do use any kind of tracking code so that you can track when people will copy your content and share in there personal websites without taking permission from you people?

>YES, we have created a custom plugins so that we can track.If anyone found copying our content without our or our artist permission.If He/She found guilty copying our content action will be taken against that particular person and his/her website will be reported to DOT that may also cause to shut the owner’s website those who copy and use our content.

6.Do you remove any videos if the owner does not want to continue to feature on your website?

>Yes we remove if the video owners do not want to continue.He just needs to drop us a mail via the contact us form.Within 2-3 working days, his/her videos link will be immediately removed.