Free – BK & INA (Borkung Hrangkhawl & DJ Ina Xclusive)

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Composed and Performed by Borkung Hrangkhawl
Music Production : DJ INA
© CoreConxept Music
Copyright Reserved 2013.
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Special thanks :
a) Korean Cultural Center New Delhi
b) Free Motion Sk8 Park (Saket) New Delhi

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(Verse 1)
We’re living in the world
Where the past is often asked
For a question
Intoxicated with ads
And advertisement
Little girls getting abortifacient
How did you never know that
You were born efficient ?
Over this Quacks
Who were never given a license
Not abiding the balance of payment
Anticipation over a client,
A Minimum Requirement Of a Medium
Qualifying Unauthorised,
Otherwise,Undenying and,
Categorise,wherever required Ideolising the depth.
A Modern Current of thoughts
You build and collapse
With no analytic ability
And when you try to relapse,
You’re writing over your life like an calligraphy.
A nucleation of power’s ethic autonomy,
Authority over humanity
Now there’re building an army (Damn)
Quality of Service Delivery
They’re the pioneer of this movement
Architect to this piece of machinery.
Damn it to get the record
They publicize and edit It’s confidentially static
To infinite cosmic It’s basic no gimmick
It’s vivid in our texas confine and add it
In grade specific that’s how it co-exist?
I am an activist with 8 radicals
You can call me the Octopus
‘Cause that’s how they’ve been attracting us, hey.
That’s the reality Academy of truth
That’s is how its ought to be
Commercialism binds you
Blinds you but mind you
Let your mind set you free.

[CHORUS] (2x)
Free, Free, Free, Free, yeahhh
Living your life alone Hope’s are gone
Let your only mind set you

(Verse 2)
Listen commercialism Is not what it seems ,
No it isn’t
Not even the programs
That we watch and we listen.
Impediments are hidden within
And you can’t even rise
‘Cause the truth lies In the garden of Eden
‘Cause I believe in the word not the world
‘Cause the world is jacked up in a twirl
Spinning around Interrogated by the word of the sound
Hibernated, Annhilated
Petrified of the truth found.
But the truth lies in your eyes
Instigated inside Like the conventional type
In the bright light and idolize
The difference between death and alive
Is the only reason they categorize, imply.
But in a while we’ve been characterized
Is this how we living our life in big city life?
You look for the truth but the truth lies
And when the two words collide Allegations are true lies.
You’ve been Intruded
Invaded with the Product
Diluted polluted
Your mind dissected
‘Cause we’re one of the kind Intersected
Exterminated But I instigated
Probity expenses enacted
With a letter of credit
I am fighting criminals with my Psychic
Call me the Green Hornet,
I’m on it My word plays replace the words
In place I’m strapping it around the orbit
I’m over taking it
It’s my life my roots,
My journey and I’m fighting for it, get it.


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