Dead poet. – LONESOME CITY (Hip-Hop Hooligans) 2017

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Dead poet. – LONESOME CITY (Hip-Hop Hooligans) 2017…

Music video/Direction : (Aksha achar)
Recording/Mix and Mastering : (JUDE)

Ain’t no emcee talking what they wanna be,
just another deadpoet this aint my hobby.
feel so lone at times so does the night gotta stay awake cause there’s a bright day ahead.every time i fall,
i cry but i gotta rise cause i gotta shine see them crimes,
donno who to blame moral citizen or a criminal tryna feed his hungry children
every thought i expressed went above their head’s opinnion gets you killed its above their consciousness
, many many hurdles to face yet i got a smile on my face lit a cigarette
trynna forget every time i fail blessed for my next attempt
would want to live to sight another rainbow everyday’s a fight
dear lord hold my hand walk me past these deserted land
woke up to reality the past is where is left of me
closed my eye’s for the sweet lullaby but i missed the sight of a rainbow nearby
all my life ihv been a lie identity anonymous fake promises broke like your hymen splits standing tall not sure what to fight for it’s about that time gettin Hip-Hop back
old schol wu-tang click click bang bang
fugitive fickel mind runnin through life like skipping red lights
for every two steps back take a step ahead watch out for your homies you get high with cuz there’s memories fade
iam better than that sensai who thought you to break arm’s
i spit sick rhymes killing every time you trynna rise voice
dont hate your life for your miseries follow your heart cause
cash dont rule everything about me funny how you wanna chase money for a lady who would wanna call you honey now listen
sunny thers a hard struggle out there fuck honey go get the bee dummy governement’s been
a lie since jesus got crucified money to controll you
and them holy books to guide streets i see them cryin ,hustling but i see them starving
multi-multimillionaire on the rise who gon give them poor their share i put sense on my pad poetrey deep like NAS
i got money on my mind homie whats yours gon be mine HOOLIGAN till i die got the supply for your high your needs gon never end it just gon multiply
dodge like a fly missunderstood life for every last goodbye started off with a smile
now when you cry remember this ain’t your last ride
for every last sin there’s another chance that’s life
i aint here for the fame i aint here for the name
iam all above this game what keeps running in your brain ? cause that’s what you became story of a hustler transition to a poet grades low but my mind high as a kite damn right i keep it tight

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