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Before we even start our conversation. We would like to share few things, People often think that 2 Channel are always having rivalry with each other. In fact, that’s the mindset and it can be observed commonly these days.But today we are here to prove that we don’t even think of competing with each other.Since we both networks are here for the change and for the people. Togetherness will make strong bonding and we appeal all other Channels to come forward and work hand to hand for the people.

So, today we have with us our very own Chini Khorang. It’s an honor to have you guys here today for this interview. It’s kinda funny, right? The channel who is taking other’s interview is here with us today for the very same very interview on them hahaha 😀

Ok, Wihtout any further delay let’s hit our questions. Here we go…

Borok TV: Can you tell us how it all started (Chini Khorang)? What was the reason behind its inception?

Well Chini Khorang was started with ambition to bring all the unheard News & freedom to express for our people from Tripura….where Currently we don’t have much place to express ourselves, the reason we came up with a thought where our people’s voice can be shared through our channel and people can speak what’s there in heart, a platform for our People’s of Tripura.

Borok TV: Why the channel was called ‘Chini Khorang’?

Well as we are here to bring the news of what is not seen, and to learn new things and learn between us and shared our views together so for that we need a platform so the Name Chini Khorang( our voice) have been the name of a channel.

Borok TV: What does Chini Khorang aim to achieve? What makes it different from any other local channel?

As our introduction of Channel itself we said our aim is to bring all people’s living in Tripura a platform for them where each one can raise a voice of what is good and bad and stay together through a different medium like entertainment, food, News, travel & various culture under one channel called Chini Khorang.

All channel have different ideology and views we at Chini Khorang believes & want to create this channel as a people’s channel a voice of people’s where u and I speak about the needs of the hour, and different agenda.

Borok TV: What are the technical difficulties that you faced early on? How did you overcome it?

We have started our office in a remote village, yes we have faced many issues starting from internet connectivity to power supply, yes we could set up our office in town but we feels we should start from a root where we are born(nokhla), Now we see we have changed it we have great speed of internet & regular power supply though it didn’t happen in one day it took us going from one door to another.

Borok TV: Can you tell us the daily news production process? How the channel crew works and how long does it take to get news ready for broadcast?

We started with a very small team of Just 5 , but now thanks to the support of our people we have enough team to cover all our department, we have our team who work in field, our chief editor and news reader, from collection of news to editing and to broadcast of our news takes 1 to 2 hours depending on Types of news, all breaking news are broadcast immediately.

Borok TV: Since there are multiple Kokborok channels emerging in Tripura, how does ‘Chini Khorang’ compete with other channels to stay ahead?

We are not here to compete with any channel for us it’s we want a people’s channel where they can raise their voice, yes to say few which we try doing different things like LIVE program telecast, talk show Live, where even our people sitting around the world can see through our channel YouTube.

Borok TV: Where do you expect to see ‘Chini Khorang’ in the near future? What are the future plans for the future?

The first aim is to let people’s of Tripura can view our channel on their TV, yes we have tied up with the cable operator across as possible as we can till now.

At future we will be telecasting via different channel like your Tata sky, Airtel etc this will happen only with the support of all our people.

Borok TV: Borok TV has been present in the online domain for the past 2 and a half year, what would you like to suggest us?

You guys are doing great keep rocking all the best.


Thank You very much Team Chini Khorang. May all the success comes to your work and yes you guys are doing good.Goodluck for your all upcoming projects and new work.

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