Interview with Miss Aitorma 2016 Winner Martina Charkhi

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Borok TV: Hi,Martina first of all welcome in this interview and we would like to apologize for taking your interview lately 🙂 So as usual Please introduce yourself to our readers 🙂

Martina: Khulumkha jottono (Hello Everyone). I am Martina Charkhi Reang. I am from the most beautiful hilly place of Dasda-Kanchanpur (North Tripura). I have completed my schooling from BK Girls H/S School. Currently, I am pursuing my BBA-LLB (H) from Icfai University Tripura.

Borok TV: Congratulations on Winning Ms Aitorma 2016. Can you tell us regarding the experience?.

Well, thank you so much for your wishes. I will be happy to share my experiences of the competition. Overall it was a very beautiful experience. I have learned a lot of new things during the grooming classes and also could do a better SWOT analysis of myself which is very important. When you are on the stage, there is an atmosphere of tension but along with there is also excitement. Well, of course, there were tough times, but when you see your dreams coming true, nothing can hold you back.

Borok TV: What motivated you to take part in the competition?

When I first heard about Aitorma Ter I was so excited to know that Tripura is taking a big part to motivate young generation, at first  I was not confident enough to participate so,  I waited for the right time to be confident and present myself in the competition and my family was one of the reasons for who I am now.

Borok TV: We’ve seen and noticed that you’re quite a dancer; can we expect to see your dance in music videos in the future?

I love watching music videos and for it would be a pleasure to work in music videos.

Borok TV: You’re currently pursuing your BBA-LLB? What are your future plans?

Yes. 🙂

Well everyone has different aspirations and as they grow up they realize what they really want. For me, it was a bit difficult to choose between modeling and BBA LLB but as I started moving towards my life, I knew this is what I want and decided to choose both.

Borok TV: Borok TV has been present in the online domain for the past 2 and a half year, what would you like to suggest us?

Congrats for your success. I wish to see it going national and reach out more audience and people across the globe.

Borok TV: Where do you expect to see yourself in the next few years?

I think, few years may not be enough to judge you, but I would like to see myself in a respected and well-known position.

Borok TV: Do you have any message for our viewers?

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam said ”Confidence and Hard-work is the best medicine to kill the disease called failure. It will make you a successful person”.

That’s why never give up on your dream and keep trying until you succeed. Believe in yourself have hope and the most be the version of yourself.

And thanks again to Borok TV for taking my interview. Hope to see you all soon. And my heartfelt wishes for your Online channel and for its success.


Borok TV:  Thank You, for giving your time to us. We wish you all the success for future. See you soon. 🙂

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