Interview With Aitorma 2016 Winner Mr. Arobindu Debbarma

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Borok TV:  So Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi, everyone I am Arobindu Debbarma hailing from Hezamara, West Tripura. Recently I have completed my graduation in forestry at dehradun Himgiri zee University and I am hoping to continue my further studies in future.  I love to dance because that’s my passion and besides that fitness is something that i always love wearing.

Borok TV: Congratulations on winning Mr. Aitorma 2016. Can you tell us regarding the experience?

Well, First of all thank you very much for your warm wishes and am glad that I have made it to my goal. And regarding my experience, it was a very awesome moment with numerous lessons to teach, friends to make, and overall to be in a fast packed competition besides all the talented contestants. There were ups and downs, moments to cherish and am very glad to see myself transform in a very awesome way that I see myself today.


Borok TV: What motivated you to take part in the competition?

That’s an interesting question which I love to respond and here am glad you asked. Aitorma ter contest is something which everyone likes to be in part of, and being a contestant surely gave me to cherish the moment whether I win or not. Aitorma platform is a very iconic light where

‘Twiprasa’ talents are given their rightful place to execute. And that inspired me to step forward to this competition where talents are justified. Since my childhood, I always wanted to be in light which I have accomplished few in my past and now I thought of trying my passion of being a model, an actor and getting inspired by professional models too. Education is always a priority but extra co-curricular activities are the main pillars how a person is made, and if it is your passion then you’ll surely succeed.


Borok TV: We have seen and noticed that you are quite a dancer; can we expect to see your dance in music videos in future?

Yes surely, music videos are one such project that I would love to handle as it compacts the interest of being me. I have done 2 small music videos from the arising small production. And apart from that Khathansa, our production is coming with another new music video and I have cast for the lead. J Hope the audience will accept it.


Borok TV: Well, as per our source we came to know that you have been with the team Khathansa for past 10 years and have won many competitions at the state level. How do you feel and would you like to share anything about it?

Being with khathansa team is like being with family and the journey together is the moment I would always love to remember. Khathansa has supported me on any platform, take it on stage or off stage and built my stand for what I have achieved and known till date.

Borok TV: Borok TV has been present in the online domain for the past 2 and half years, what would you like to suggest us.

First of all, thank you for this platform for motivating young talents to inspire them on their task even higher. I’m glad Borok tv took this interest and understood the core hard work to honor

And inspire the upcoming talents of Twiprasa.

On contrary to suggestions, I would love to see Borok tv awards live on bigger platform alike open stage in near future.


Borok TV: Where do you expect to see yourself in the next 5 years?

Well, If Borok tv and other media initiative with a cooperation of every aspiring twiprasa keep on supporting young talents in their arising platform, then I surely believe to see myself in a higher platform even on national level representing Northeast India.


Borok TV: What are your future plans? Do you have any message for our viewers?

Hahahahaha……Well, I guess I’ll stick to my passion, step forward to become successful and always keep entertaining as possible.

My message to the viewers is very simple, Borok tv is trying their best to inspire people and it’s our duty to motivate them, share them and subscribe to their channels. And as the saying goes ‘ Keep trying and trying and trying, failure is just a glitch, keep moving’.

Borok TV: Well that was a great chat, and we will be back to you soon once you drop your music video 🙂 We wish you a very good luck for your upcoming projects and may all the success you wanted will come to you sooner.

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