Close Interaction With Borkung Hrangkhawl a.k.a B.K

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A Man who doesn’t need many introductions.Today we have Borkung Hrangkhawl with us.So let’s get straight to the questions.

 Borok TV: So tell us about yourself?

B.K: I am actually a shy guy who doesn’t talk much. But since I am in the entertainment business I am becoming better now.

Borok TV: Can you tell us how it all started (music career)? Is there any person behind the scene that helped you push your limits?

B.K: I was always drawn towards rap. So I wanted to take it as my career being very well aware that it’s not going to be easy. When I started out professionally we were just few guys trying to bring a change. Kabir was my producer he was giving me all the beats and Yanger who is my manager guided us as to how to approach the market. So you need people in your life who can guide you. The person who helped me push my limits is my manager Yanger. So all you aspiring artists get yourself a good manager. That’s very important because we artists cannot manage everything by ourselves.

Borok TV: Your songs are thought to provoke and contain messages. Can you share with us how you write such strong lyrics? What inspires and motivates you?

B.K: See I write songs to inspire the youth’s cus I feel that it’s the youths that can bring the change. My inspiration is my father. His dedication and love towards his people are amazing and that inspires me a lot. I want my songs to have a strong content in them so that it’s not just a song but a message altogether. When I am not happy about certain things that are happing around I make a song out of it so that I can share my feeling with the rest of the people who listens to my music. Basically, I express myself through music.

Borok TV: How long does it take to write a song? Make video? The entire music production? And how many team members do you have?

B.K: See to write a song I can finish most of the lines in a day or two, but I prefer to take my time so that I can write quality lyrics. And it depends on my mood as well. It’s always good to write songs when you are in the mood. Rushing it doesn’t do justice. So once the lyrics are done I go ahead and record the song. And then my producer INA produces the music. He is the best producer in India for me. And once he is done with the production of the music, we give it a listen and if we like it we send it for mixing and master. And if the song has weight as in if the song has potential then we plan on shooting a Music Video for it. So once the whole song is done i start writing the script for the video. It takes me a couple of days to finish the script and then I discuss it with my management and if they like the idea then we go ahead with the locations. And once the location is finalized we go ahead and shoot the video. Sometimes it takes months to finish the video sometimes it just takes us 2-3 days. And then we start editing and that takes about a month or so. After that we release it. We have a couple of members working with us.

Borok TV: We as a viewer see you as a pioneer in RAP from Tripura. What difficulties did you face when you started from ground up? Especially when you didn’t have anybody in this field to guide you and how did you overcome it?

B.K: I am humbled that you guys see me as a Rap pioneer. The difficulties I faced when I I first started was to convince my parents that I want to take up Rap as my career. At first they couldn’t understand what I was doing but slowly when they saw my progress they started supporting me. And then it was about the marketing. I didn’t know how to market myself so my music wasn’t being heard. And when your music is not reaching out to people it’s really frustrating because you are putting your everything and the result is not up to your expectation. And then of course for recording you need money, and good studios costs a lot. So me and my friends we decided to set up our own home studio and we also made a Vocal Booth out of plywood. The Vocal Booth was good but it was very hot inside. So it was quite difficult to record but I eventually got used to it. I was really determined and focused and I didn’t lose hope and  I kept pushing myself and that’s how I overcame the difficulties. You should have the zeal to do what you want to do. Make sure that you achieve what you want to achieve. Nothing should stop you.

Borok TV: It seems you have inspired many of our young boys and girls in Tripura to write songs and make music. And with the help of sites like YouTube, which help us make our own content and share with people all around the world. Can you give some advice (to upcoming artists)? What and how can they do better? Any suggestions for them?We are eagerly waiting for your next music. Can you share with us some details about your upcoming songs?

B.K: I am happy that I have inspired the young boys and girls of Tripura. People don’t know that Tripura is blooming right now. We have so many talents in Tripura. It’s just that we don’t have a proper platform to showcase our talents. But now with the help of Facebook and Youtube etc… it’s easier for us to share our music and content with the rest of the world. It’s much easier now. Make sure that your music or your content is something which people can relate to and which people will love to share. It’s about grabbing the interest of the audience.


  1. Borok TV: Music is of different genres. What made you choose Hip-Hop and RAP? What was the reason behind it?

B.K: I took up rap because I found it very interesting because of its rhythm, flow, and rhyme. And rap is very direct. It’s on the face. And you can tell your story and experience through rap.

Borok TV: We’ve seen you collaborate with different other artists from North East? Can we expect collaborating with an artist from Tripura in the near future?

B.K: Yes I am collaborating with Kabir and ZwingLee the Kokborok rapper. It’s going to be interesting.

Borok TV: We have an online presence since December 2014.Would you like to suggest anything to us (Borok TV)?

B.K: You guys are doing a great job. Keep doing the amazing work and support our local talents at all time.

Borok TV: What message would you like to give to your fans?

B.K: My fans are the greatest. I thank you all for the love and support it means a lot. If you happen to see me anywhere just come and talk. Would love to talk to you guys 🙂

Thank You for being with us today. We will get back to you soon 🙂

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