Interview with Miss Aitorma 2016 Winner Martina Charkhi

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Borok TV: Hi,Martina first of all welcome in this interview and we would like to apologize for taking your interview lately 🙂 So as usual Please introduce yourself to our readers 🙂 Martina: Khulumkha jottono (Hello Everyone). I am Martina Charkhi Reang. I am from the most beautiful hilly place of Dasda-Kanchanpur (North Tripura). I have completed… Read more »

Interview With Aitorma 2016 Winner Mr. Arobindu Debbarma

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  Borok TV:  So Please introduce yourself to our readers. Hi, everyone I am Arobindu Debbarma hailing from Hezamara, West Tripura. Recently I have completed my graduation in forestry at dehradun Himgiri zee University and I am hoping to continue my further studies in future.  I love to dance because that’s my passion and besides… Read more »

Interview With Team Chini Khorang

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Before we even start our conversation. We would like to share few things, People often think that 2 Channel are always having rivalry with each other. In fact, that’s the mindset and it can be observed commonly these days.But today we are here to prove that we don’t even think of competing with each other.Since we… Read more »

Close Interaction With Borkung Hrangkhawl a.k.a B.K

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A Man who doesn’t need many introductions.Today we have Borkung Hrangkhawl with us.So let’s get straight to the questions.  Borok TV: So tell us about yourself? B.K: I am actually a shy guy who doesn’t talk much. But since I am in the entertainment business I am becoming better now. Borok TV: Can you tell us… Read more »

Meet the Lady Behind Khathansa Production Sharmili Debbarma

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First of all, we would like to welcome a lady with a vision who has contributed the Kokborok Industry from past 14 Years.Today we have one of the best Choreographer of the industry Sharmili Debbarma.Thank You for sitting down here to answer these few questions for us and for your fans. So let’s start.It’s going to… Read more »

Interview With Tripura’s Kokborok Rap Sensation Zwing Lee Debbarma Part 2

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Welcome Back.Without any further delay, lets hit to our second session. So What’s are your future plans? ZwingLee: I am putting out Merchandise and an online store soon and a certain percentage of the profits will go towards the poor people residing in the hills in the state. Any new albums that people should be excited… Read more »

Interview With Tripura’s Kokborok Rap Sensation Zwing Lee Debbarma Part 1

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An Interview with Tripura’s Kokborok Rap Sensation Zwinglee Debbarma Today we have launched our new blogging feature and a lot of other features has also included in our website Borok TV starting from today.We are really happy to have you on board for this very first interview in our network. So without any further delay… Read more »